We help you deliver your projects._ Every business needs to change in order to survive and with change comes risks and uncertainty.
We understand this and provide the plans, the processes and the people,
to help you make the changes you need, the RITEWAY.
Every business needs to change in order to survive
and with change comes risks and uncertainty.
We understand this and provide the plans, the processes
and the people, to help you make the changes you need,
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Riteway has been involved in delivering projects for all sized businesses for over 25 years and have an outcome-based focus to project delivery.  This means that our team are committed to ensuring you get the outcomes you need from your projects and we have a range of specialised project services that have been designed to help you achieve success.

Project Risk Management

Successfully managing project risks can be the difference between success and failure.  You can manage risks the RITEWAY, with a focus on identification, assessment, planning and monitoring, and reduce the likelihood and impact of a risk ever happening.

Project Planning

You already have a strategy to grow your business, now you need a plan that clearly states where you want your business to go, and how you’re going to get it there.  Our Project Planning service looks at your goals and helps work out the RITEWAY to get there.

Virtual Project Office

Just because your not the size of a large corporate doesn’t mean your projects aren’t important. “ProjectSAGE” gives you a virtual in-house project office so you can deliver the change your business needs the RITEWAY without the expensive price tag.

Coaching & Mentoring

Why not reduce the risk that poor project management impacts your projects with our Project Manager Coaching & Mentoring service. Arm your existing project managers the RITEWAY so they can deliver even the most complex projects.

Virtual Project Staff

When you need to increase the size of your project team, we give you the choice to add staff the RITEWAY. You don’t always need to have permanent project staff so use our team to help manage your workload and let us be responsible for the hiring and firing.

Project Outsourcing

The more complex the project, the more you need to achieve an outcome that delivers what your business needs – the RITEWAY. Whether it is the whole project or only a certain task or component, we take responsibility for delivering on your behalf.

Project Procurement

Procurement activities such as tenders, product evaluations, vendor selections, etc. can ruin your project and your business if not done the RITEWAY.  Our team are all highly experienced in project procurement and are committed to getting the result you need.

Project Recovery

Unfortunately not all projects go to plan and when they don’t you need to get them moving the RITEWAY as soon as possible.  Our project recovery service identifies the reason your project is failing and delivers an actionable recovery plan to bring it back on track.

8 Key Elements of a Successful Project

1. Clearly defined goals for the project
2. A business case defining financial returns and strategic alignment
3. Management support to provide the necessary resources
4. Selection and training of the right staff/team for implementation
5. The technology and expertise to accomplish specific technical tasks
6. Measuring and monitoring of progress at each stage
7. Clear communication of information to all key stakeholders
8. Effective risk and quality management systems and processes

Do You Struggle To Deliver Changes In Your Business?

Some familiar signs you need a structured project approach are:
  • You don’t know how much you are spending
  • Understanding all the technology options is confusing
  • No two projects are run the same way
  • Projects always seem to run late
  • No one tells you where the project is at
Maybe you need a better way…
The Smarter Way To Deliver Change
“The team at Riteway sat down and listened to us and were able to understand where we needed to grow our business. They delivered what we asked for and we couldn't be happier.”
— Taryn Anderson (BDT Engraving)
“Goldfish has been working with Riteway since 2013 and we continue to use them for all our IT project needs.”
— Bob Crowley (Goldfish Enterprises)
“We used Riteway to help us plan our move to the Cloud and the effort they put in, with the experience they showed made it a seamless transition.”
— Robert Mashford (Acuitas Technica Pty Ltd)

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