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Making Good Project Managers Great

One major difference between a good project manager and a great project manager is their ability to effectively build and then use a range of interpersonal or ‘soft’ skills, such as communication, decision making, negotiation, and conflict management.

When these are combined with the technical skills a project manager gains through formal training, then your project manager is armed to tackle even the most complex projects.

We offer a combination of both coaching and mentoring to improve both the soft skills and the hard skills of project managers, all with the aim of improving the success of your projects.

Our Project Manager Coaching and Mentoring program is designed to help each project manager improve their ability in both the soft skills and the hard skills of project management, to make them better than good project managers – to make them great project managers.

We provide coaching and mentoring on a 1:1 basis, an approach we believe is more effective than group coaching or structured training.  This method allows the focus to be on the specific needs of the individual, to be personalised and to reflect the unique challenges experienced by each project manager in their role.  We typically use situational based training in these sessions where the project manager discusses a current and real issue they are faced with.

The idea is that if the project manager takes ownership of solving the challenges they encounter in their daily role, they will develop techniques that help them in their current and future projects.

How your business benefits

As an organisation, when you arrange for your project manager to receive coaching and mentoring, you are not only improving their skills but you are also improving your business.

  • Reducing the risk that poor project management impacts your critical and costly projects
  • Improving your employees’ skills so you can delegate responsibility for more complex projects to them
  • Boosting productivity by helping your project managers work smarter
  • Improving staff retention as employees are more loyal and motivated when their bosses help them improve their skills
  • Making more effective use of company resources – coaching costs less than formal training and less than the extra salary to recruit a more qualified project manager

How the project manager benefits

In our experience, the main benefits the project manager gets from project management coaching are:

  • Improvement in the level of technical and interpersonal skills and competences
  • Better communication and negotiation skills
  • Increased mental flexibility and problem-solving capability
  • Able to build and maintain a better relationship with all project stakeholders
  • An independent sounding board that you can share your challenges with
  • Real-life situational awareness of how to improve your technical project manager skills

Available for individuals or as a corporate service

We offer both corporate and individual coaching and mentoring packages.  Contact us to find out more and get started today with being a GREAT project manager.

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