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It doesn’t matter whether your business is big or small, one issue business leaders are becoming increasingly concerned about is the issue of poorly-executed projects.

A recent Project Management Institute (PMI) study found that only 53% of projects were completed within their originally approved budget and only 49% were delivered on time. In fact, 16% of all projects reviewed were deemed failures.

Improving the successful execution of your projects requires an experienced project manager, supported by an expert team – a team that can focus on achieving the outcome you need for your business to grow.

Developing and maintaining a suitable in-house project capability is expensive, more so if the needs of your business fluctuate and there is no guarantee of consistent work.

So, what do you do if your business can’t afford a dedicated project team with all the skills you need?

Riteway has been involved in delivering projects for all sized businesses for over 25 years and have an outcome-based focus to project delivery.  This means that our team are committed to ensuring you get the outcomes you need from your projects.  To help you in this, we have a range of specialised project services that have been designed to help businesses that don’t have dedicated project staff.

Virtual Project Staff

Allows your business to add staff as you need and therefore to increase or decrease your team size to meet any peaks or troughs in your project volume.  We remain responsible for employing the necessary staff.

Project Outsourcing

Outsource the entire project delivery and let us take responsibility for achieving the successful outcome on your behalf.  You could also consider only outsourcing certain components or tasks of your project.

Project Procurement

Preparation and management of procurement activities such as tenders, product evaluations, vendor selections, etc. We follow any procurement standards you have in place or alternatively can use our proven methodology.

Project Recovery

Not all projects go to plan and when they don’t we have a project recovery service that will identify the reason your project is failing and provide an Actionable Recovery Plan to bring it back on track.

We have also been working with various NSW Government agencies since mid-2013, initially supporting them in their migration to GovDC and more recently through the provision of a range of services that support agencies with both ‘on-premise’ IT and cloud based projects.

We are an approved supplier under the ICT Services Scheme and are a GovDC Marketplace provider.  Click the below button for the ICT SCM0020 categories we are approved for.

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