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Medium Sized Business

“ProjectSAGE” gives you the same project tools that the corporates use, but is designed to be the perfect fit (and the perfect price), for your business.

As a medium sized business you need a less‐bureaucratic version of project management than the more traditional versions in place in larger organisations.  However you still have the same need to successfully deliver your projects, so you need processes, plans and people that are tailored to suit your business.

8 Key Elements of a Successful Project

1. Clearly defined goals for the project
2. A business case defining financial returns and strategic alignment
3. Management support to provide the necessary resources
4. Selection and training of the right staff/team for implementation
5. The technology and expertise to accomplish specific technical tasks
6. Measuring and monitoring of progress at each stage
7. Clear communication of information to all key stakeholders
8. Effective risk and quality management systems and processes

Riteway has been involved in delivering projects for all sized businesses for over 25 years and have an outcome-based focus to project delivery.  This means that our team are committed to ensuring you get the outcomes you need from your projects.  To help you in this, we have a range of specialised project services that have been designed to help businesses that don’t have dedicated project staff.

Project Risk Management

Successfully managing project risks can be the difference between success and failure.  If you can manage risks the RITEWAY, with a focus on identification, assessment, planning and monitoring, you reduce the likelihood and impact of a risk ever happening.

Project Planning

You already have a strategy to grow your business, now you need a plan that clearly states where you want your business to go, and how you’re going to get it there.  Our Project Planning service looks at your goals and helps work out the RITEWAY to get there.

Virtual Project Office

Just because your not the size of a large corporate doesn’t mean your projects aren’t important. “ProjectSAGE” gives you a virtual in-house project office so you can deliver the change your business needs the RITEWAY without the expensive price tag.

Coaching & Mentoring

Why not reduce the risk that poor project management impacts your projects with our Project Manager Coaching & Mentoring service. Arm your existing project managers the RITEWAY so they can deliver even the most complex projects.

Take The Risk Out Of Your Next Project

For a limited time we are offering a free introductory risk assessment for your current project(s). Why not contact us now to book a suitable time?

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