The Smarter Way To Deliver Change On Time & On Budget

Competing with businesses that are several times your size is not easy, however one advantage you do have is the speed with which you can react when you need to and implement change into your business.  But delivering change is about more than just hitting the deadline.  It’s about making sure the change you make is something your business needs and is completed within budget, with the quality you need and at the time you need it.  In fact, if your only focus is on the project deadline then you are setting yourself up to fail.

RITEWAY has been delivering projects for companies of all sizes for over 25 years and we know the chances of successfully delivering change into your business increase if you use a structured project approach from strategy planning right through to execution and implementation – ensuring your projects deliver the outcomes and benefits you need.  ProjectSAGE gives you that structured approach.

ProjectSAGE is your “virtual” project office with the same project tools that the corporates use, but designed to be the perfect fit (and the perfect price), for your business.

Why you need ProjectSAGE

There are often times when you need to make changes to support the growth or operations of your business and you simply can’t afford to get it wrong.  That’s why you need ProjectSAGE.

ProjectSAGE can help improve your business changes if:

  • The majority of your projects run late.
  • You have little or no visibility into the performance of your projects.
  • All or most of your projects exceed their budget.
  • You don’t have enough skilled project people in your team.
  • No two projects are managed the same way.
  • No one takes ownership/accountability for your projects.
  • Your projects don’t deliver what you expected.

ProjectSAGE provides you with:


To improve project delivery you need to start with a structured approach and ProjectSAGE provides this with our governance framework and project methodology.  Both are based on globally accepted standards and customised for your size business.


There is no point in just providing you with structure and expecting you to suddenly develop specialist project skills.  Our experienced team of project experts are available part-time or full-time, depending on your need to help you action your projects successfully.


To follow a new way of doing things isn’t easy so we don’t just dump and run. We provide ongoing support and guidance to you and your team with our 1-to-1 soft skills coaching and mentoring, as well as any technical project support your team need.


ProjectSAGE includes all the things you need to enable you to improve your project delivery. Our templates, checklists and project management software have all been developed to minimise the complexity, without compromising on the success of your project.

Do You Want To Improve Your Project Delivery?

For a limited time we are offering a free 20 minute consultation on how ProjectSAGE can work for you. Why not contact us now to book a suitable time?

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