Application Migration

Are any of these true for you?

    • You are a C-level Executive, Program Director or Application Business Owner
    • You have a complex IT environment with applications from multiple vendors and

leftover legacy systems

  • You need to upgrade or migrate some applications to gain very specific business outcomes
  • You have a fixed deadline and budget to do it
  • You must maintain Business as Usual during the process.

Have you experienced any of these?

  • Using your own in-house team but they didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain BAU and implement the migration, too; it looked like it might save money but the project timeline blew out, the full business benefits weren’t
  • realised and the team was left disappointed;
  • Contracting a Tier 1 IT Consultancy or Integrator but ‘scope creep’ and their onerous processes caused delays; charges were high yet the quality of their people varied a lot; overall the project took longer and cost more than you planned.
  • Choosing a Tier 2 Project Management Firm but they weren’t experienced enough to help you choose and implement the right applications or to budget accurately; they were also more focused on technology than on change; as a result, the project cost more, internal buy-in and support was low; it also it took longer and the full benefits were not realised.

How Riteway Streamlines Your Application Migration

Migrating applications is one of our three areas of specialisation; technology migration is what we do. We’re not responsible for BAU, so we can focus our team on one outcome: delivering the business benefits you want from your application migration.

We’ve completed many successful application migrations over nearly 2 decades. We know how much they cost, how many people and how much effort is required. This means we can budget and plan accurately and routinely deliver on time and on budget.

We work as an extension of your team, leveraging them and their knowledge, not dictating to them or replacing them. This means they can maintain their focus on supporting BAU, while we take care of the application migration. It’s how you enjoy the best of both worlds: transforming your business with no interruptions.

We are truly technology and vendor agnostic. We don’t mind which technology you choose as long as it’s right for your business. If you’re not sure, we can provide totally unbiased advice. Either way, you’ll end up with the right technology, the right vendor and ongoing service provider, to meet your needs.

Our tried and tested processes are flexible, so they can be adapted to your specific needs, without reducing the rigour we apply. For you, our nimble approach means less paperwork, less complexity and your project completed on time.

We don’t have people sitting on a ‘staff bench’ raising our overheads. We choose a unique team for every project, hand-picking those with the specific application knowledge, experience and attitude, from our pool of known, trusted resources. That’s how we provide highly-skilled, precisely-matched resources for less than many will charge you for an inexperienced team.

We won’t under-estimate in order to win your business. From years of experience, we know how long it will take and cost, so we quote with confidence and stick to it. You can be confident of no budget overrun unless, of course, you change elements of the project. We can adapt to that, too.

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