Project Planning

Aligning Your Projects With Your Strategy

Constant changes in business and the rapid adoption of technology into all areas of an organisation, whether large or small, has completely revolutionised business in ways that were impossible to imagine a just few years ago.

No longer can you as a business owner react to every need for change.  You need to have a strategy to grow your business and you need a strategic roadmap that defines where your business is, where you want it to go, and how you are going to it there.

But once you have your strategic roadmap in place, you need to dig a little deeper and identify what changes or projects you need to  implement in order to reach each milestone.  You also need to ensure that you have a framework in place to help align your projects and your strategy so you that every change you make takes you further along the path to achieving your goals.

If the role of your strategic plan is to help the decision makers in your business determine where to spend time, human resources, and money, then the role of your project roadmap is to provide the path to be followed in order to implement that plan.

Planning for the future

Our Project Planning service can provide the project roadmap that will help you plan for long-term success.  We have a simple, three step process that  involves:

  1. reviewing every project to ensure it is aligned with your strategy – this involves reviewing all current and planned projects to ensure they are aligned with your business goals
  2. building a project approval decision making framework that determines each projects strategic importance – we use project assessment/scoring tools to determine the ‘strategic fit’ for each project
  3. once steps 1 & 2 are completed, the next step is set a priority for each project, measuring it against how it meets your goals and helps your business grow

Some common business goals

Financial Goals
• Increase revenue
• Manage cost
• Maintain profitability

Customer Goals
• Increase market share
• Provide the best service
• Cross-sell more products

Internal Goals
• Reduce operational errors
• Streamline business processes
• Improve staff retention

Technology Goals
• Move all of IT to the cloud
• Upgrade accounting software
• Start selling on our website

Get a FREE project planning session

If you have a business strategy in place and need to think about how your projects will align and deliver your strategy, contact us to arrange your free 20 minute consultation on how to plan your projects.

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